29th November 2009
Royal Festival Hall
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The Show

The KCL Charity Diwali Show is a voluntary, non the hidden talent of the student population within London. The organisation was formed in 1992 and since then we have vastly expanded to become the biggest student based charity show in the UK, with over 600 participants and 4,500 spectators. This show has played to a number of well known Asian personalities and presentations at a range of prestigious London venues, including the opened Indigo2 within the 02 Centre, Greenwich. We have further developed working links and established projects with other universities and cultural organisations, further creating a fusion of the eastern and western performing arts. Each show consists of an assemblage of different performances bringing out the most of British Asian youth talent through a variety of dance acts P.A's. The show provides students with a platform to express their talent, as well as provide them with the opportunity to make a difference to thousands of people's lives worldwide. KCL Diwali Show has always presented a high quality of student acts, with each year getting better and better maintaining the Show's renowned high standards of performance throughout the country and across Europe.

Aims of the show

The principal aim of the KCL Diwali Show has remained unchanged in the last its history. The foundation for the show even today is to raise the maximum revenue possible for the designated charities of the show each year. The show raises in excess of over £10,000 each year for the charities.